This cute kitten barks like a dog, rolls and crawls around, shows off his yoga routine, wins hearts worldwide. A+ kitten work.

tfios movie \ [x]
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kaistal au - fallen

it’s been decided that she’s not normal. not after her last boyfriend’s burst into flames after he kissed her. not when she sees looming, ominous shadows everywhere she goes.
so she enrolls into a reform school and the first thing she sets her eyes on is.. him. there’s something achingly familiar about him, but then he flips her off.
he goes out of his way to show her he’s not interested, except that sometimes he doesn’t appear so, and she just can’t shake off the funny feeling - like she knows him, like she’s seen him.. many, many times before.
because really, what’s the chance of finding your soulmate - your light, your doom, your everything - over and over again.. when you know it will kill you?
and when there are no scientific explanation, would you except you’ve fallen in love with a fallen angel that you’ve been cursed to love for eternity?
would you dare go to the end and break the curse for the one you love?

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:: STYLE ::

BOIS, How To Tie A Bow Tie because sometimes we forget. :-) 

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Jongin smiling at Kyungsoo (✿◠‿◠)

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when i stop laughin at kris’ face, i’ll let you kno

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Your love is like a studded leather headlock…

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I ENJOY make  gif  like this, Aomine turn to a Ghoul~
A  kind of funny!Xd~~

aokaga month - day 10: kid!kagami & teiko!aomine AU

"I’m still small and weak, but I’ll grow tall and strong!
And one day, I’m going to beat you!”

"It’s a promise then, brat!"

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